Programs and Pricing

Friends Don’t Let Friends Workout Alone. Buddy Up for Motivation.

Unlimited Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Cardio Training Sessions.

Have fun! Lose Weight. Tone/Gain Muscles. Improve Breathing. Get Results!

Requirements: (1) both person must complete the 101 Foundations Course before entering the regular CrossFit classes. (2) $45 Setup Fee for each person. (3) 1st person registers online. 2nd person registered by member service rep. $222 Membership Dues will be split. (4) 1 year membership commitment.

Restrictions: (1) Cannot be combined w/ any other offers, discounts, nor promotions. (2) Not valid for Members active within the past 12 months.

As a CrossFit Lay It Down Member, the current published CrossFit Membership Dues gives you access to ALL CrossFit classes + ALL Group Fitness classes including the Cooking Demonstration and Nutrition classes (excluding Yoga-Pilates). All NEW CrossFit Members: (< 6 months of CF experience) must participate in our CrossFit 101 Foundation Class Series before joining our regular CrossFit classes.

EXPERIENCED CrossFitters: (> 6 months of CF experience) current CrossFit Dues are $144 Month-to-Month for Unlimited Classes (includes Full Access to ALL LID Group Fitness Classes (excludes Yoga-Pilates)) + a one time $45 Setup Fee. *During 1st class, you must be able to demonstrate certain randomly-chosen movements.

Special Category: First Responders (Police, Firefighter, EMT), Military (Active or Reserves), Ministers (On Staff or Missionaries), Teachers (On Staff); Students w/ valid current school ID. Membership Dues are reduced w/ verifiable documentation. Call Member Service @ 404-913-0237 to discuss further.

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Experienced CrossFitter or completed CF 101? Sporadic schedule? Don’t know if you are coming or going? Want options to WOD? To give you an alternative plan, we now offer CrossFit Drop-In Packages.

CrossFit Class 1-Time Drop-In – Cost: $15 / Drop-In. Experienced CrossFitters Only.

CrossFit Class Drop-In 03-Pk – Cost: $39 = $13 / Drop-In. 8 days to use. $19 Set-up.

CrossFit Class Drop-In 07-Pk – Cost: $77 = $11 / Drop-In. 16 days to use. $19 Set-up.

CrossFit Class Drop-In 12-Pk – Cost: $120 = $10 / Drop-In. 32 days to use. $19 Set-up.

Do you hate exercising? Are you unable to stay away from ‘junk food’ eating? Do you burn every dish you cook? Not grasping the concept of ‘actively living a healthy and fit lifestyle’?

Lay It Down Fitness & Nutrition Center provides every member and guest with personalized attention during his/her health and fitness journey.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Health & Wellness Coaching Session with Certified Health Coach & Personal Chef Alicia today.

30 Minute Session @ $20 / session

60 Minute Session @ $30 / session