Who We Are

CrossFit Lay It Down, within our Fitness Center, we offer CrossFit plus a variety of Group Fitness and Cooking/Nutrition classes. If a person desires a variety of fitness training methods to include but not limited to cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting, we offer these classes in a variety of intensity levels, low to high.

What We Do

Our Certified Coaches, Personal Trainers, Instructors, and Health/Life Coaches care about our member’s success in reaching their health and fitness goals. We get to know each member on a personal basis which helps us understand their health and fitness goals and to help them reach those goals through our Accountability Program.

How We’re Different

We are a Christian based health, fitness, nutrition, and life center that desires to help people not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Like our name says, Lay It Down, whatever life problems you might be facing, just lay them down, walk through our center’s doors, and focus on yourself whether by getting in a workout with us or attending our Friday night Small Group/Bible Study. We offer a safe workout environment with modest dress requirements, clean music, and family friendly. One of our specialties is semi-private classes so people don’t get lost in the mix of the super large environment. Come Get Fit for Life with Us.

Our Coaches, Instructors, & Trainers

Head Coach Larry

CrossFit L-2, NASM CPT,
SEALFIT 20x Spring 2019 Crucible Finisher,
Former USAW L-1

Larry was born in Lima, OH and raised in Decatur, GA. While his mom served in the Army, he was able to experience other cultures by traveling overseas and living in Germany for 2.5 years. He played high school football and intramural basketball, ran track, and was in ROTC as a Ranger and on the Rifle team. As a high school junior and senior, he was the Football Defensive Captain, where he learned how to motivate his team to give 100% effort on every down. Thru these experiences, Larry loved the challenge of Competitive Sports and being on the Ranger team. To get a better understanding of Sports, Recreation, and Fitness, in 2007, he earned his Associates Degree in Sports & Rec Mgmt from Gwinnett Tech. In 2011, he earned his NASM Certified Personal Trainer cert. With his NASM CPT, he enjoyed 1-on-1 personal training sessions with his clients that helped them reach their individual health and fitness goals and led Boot Camp classes. In 2012, he saw the Reebok CrossFit games on ESPN, where the Sport of Fitness was used to challenge Athletes to reach their full potential. Witnessing this type of athleticism, he knew he had to get involved with this caliber of Fitness. August 2012, he earned his CrossFit L1 Trainer Cert and in 2014, he earned his USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Trainer cert. After spending 2.5 years learning, applying, and improving how to coach Functional Movements, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifts, and Metabolic Conditioning with one of the largest CrossFit Boxes in Gwinnett County, Larry helped open a smaller CrossFit box in Duluth, GA. With the encouragement of friends, family members, and God’s inspiration, Larry and his wife, Chef Alicia, was inspired to open CrossFit Lay It Down and Lay It Down Fitness & Nutrition Center. After the Center was opened for 1 year, Coach Larry earned his CrossFit L2 Trainer Cert on Jan 15, 2017. Come be part of a Community that’s committed to Gettin’ People Fit for Life.

Health Coach Alicia

Certified Health Coach
Group Fitness Instructor
Private Chef

Born and raised in Ohio, became a Georgia resident in 1991. Married since 1993, fostered different kids for 8 years and have one adopted son. Attend Victory World Church in Norcross, GA since February 2000. Diagnosed with a life changing illness in 2002, which allowed me to search for alternatives to traditional medicine as a tool for healing. Became a Certified Biblical Health Coach in March 2010 and a Personal Chef shortly after. At the end of 2015 became the co-owner of Lay It Down Fitness & Nutrition Center and CrossFit Lay It Down. My husband and I have the vision to provide quality personal fitness and nutrition training that improves one person at a time mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. In a car accident in November of 2015, I lost feeling in my hands and feet. MELT allowed me to get most of my feeling back within 4 weeks so I decided to become a MELT Hand & Foot Instructor in April 2016 to offer at our Center. I currently lead the following classes: Cardio Kickboxing, CRX Training, MFR/Mobility & Stretch, Nutrition and Cooking; and 1-on-1 Health Coaching.


Tai Chi

Born and raised in Georgia Gene has lived and worked in New Jersey, Denver and traveled around the world as a technician for AT&T. He returned to Georgia in 2001. His passions are Tai Chi, Qigong, hiking, cooking and Disc Golf. He is certified by multiple teachers to teach Tai Chi and Qigong. He is also certified by Silver Sneakers as a FLEX Tai Chi Instructor and EnerChi Instructor. Gene has also taken classes in Yang 32 Sword Form, Wudang 64 Sword Form and multiple Qigong forms. His passion is to share the wonderful benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong with his students.

Coach Lysa

CrossFit L-1
Fitness Counselor

Lysa was born and raised in Savannah, GA where she spent most of her time being active in a number of sports, primarily competing in track and field and intramural flag football. It was during her freshman year at Valdosta State University where she discovered a love for working out with others and helping them reach their fitness goals as she worked part-time at the gym on campus. Lysa always enjoyed learning and wanted to become more knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and safety because she has seen so many of her friends and family injure themselves out of a lack of correct technique and foundation. She along with her husband received their fitness counseling licenses with Global Educators in 2018 and began working with several of their friends at their gym. At the beginning of 2019, goals were set to pursue a greater understanding of Fitness and Sports. It was when she was introduced to Head Coach Larry and Chef Alicia that she discovered that CrossFit was the answer. She and her husband began training at Lay It Down in February and ever since has been enjoying learning the firm foundations that CrossFit inspires and working on improving their skills. She received her CF-LI certification in June of 2019. She knows that God has gifted her to be an encourager and wants to use her to share all the knowledge that she is learning as a Coach at CrossFit Lay It Down.

Coach Jay

CrossFit L-1
Fitness Counselor

Jay was born in Savannah,GA however, spent majority of his childhood in Myrtle Beach, SC and was extremely active in a number of sports, such as basketball, baseball, football and even NJORTC. All throughout High School and into College he competed in a number of lifting competitions which ultimately ignited a desire in him to learn more and to encourage others in their fitness goals as well. During this journey of learning and educating others about fitness, he met his now wife of 3 years, Lysa Trueluck (aka Coach Lysa). He along with his wife received their fitness counseling licenses with Global Educators in 2018 and began working with their friends and family reach their fitness goals. At the beginning of 2019, Jay and his wife prayed about gaining a greater understanding of Fitness and Sports and God provided an answer. Within weeks, Jay and his wife were introduced to Head Coach Larry and Chef Alicia Neal and discovered that CrossFit was the answer they were searching for. He and his wife began training at Lay It Down in February and since then has been enjoying every moment of learning the firm foundations that CrossFit inspires. While in the process of improving his skills, Jay received his CF-L1 certification in August of 2019. One of his favorite quotes comes from Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” With this in mind he wants to be an encouragement to others and use the knowledge that he is gaining as a Coach at CrossFit Lay It Down.

Meaghan K

Member Service Manager

Born and raised in Roscoe, Illinois. Meaghan was number 5 of 6 kids and the first girl. As a child, she stayed active in gymnastics and secretly wanted to be an American Gladiator. She moved to Atlanta 3 years ago after living in Green Bay for close to 10 years. She obtained her nursing degree in 2011 and has worked as an RN in family practice, diabetes management, oncology, and health and wellness. Meaghan has personally seen in her own life how important both diet and exercise are to one’s overall health and well being. She loves that every day she is able to help individuals obtain their health goals so they can be the best version of themselves and make a difference in the lives of others.