CrossFit Lay It Down Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner

Sticking to a workout plan and/or healthy eating plan can be challenging. When you start to make positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to make excuses for why you were not able to workout today or made poor eating decisions throughout your day.

Our Accountability Sessions are set up to help YOU be successful in creating life changing, healthy habits and behaviors. Some key areas that we focus on during your Accountability Sessions are establish SMART goals, identify barriers, block out time procrastinators, and several other areas that we have identified as important to help you be victorious and conquer those unhealthy life limiters.

Accountability is a key factor in determining your success in reaching your personalized health and fitness goals. Schedule a 1-on-1 Accountability Session today.

*** Cost of an initial 30- or 60-mins AS session is credited towards the purchase of a 03- or 06-multi-session AS package.

Accountability session

Accountability Resources

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