CrossFit Lay It Down CrossFit Foundations

CrossFit Foundations

“The CrossFit approach is to embrace, study, practice, and train for functional mastery. CrossFitters at every level are on the same path – moving from functional competence to functional dominance.”

Excerpt taken from A Beginner’s Guide to Crossfit, by Greg Glassman, 10/1/2004.

Why do I have to take this Foundations course?

When a baby is born and before it can crawl, it must be carried around by its parents to move from one location to another. Eventually, the baby learns how to crawl. Then, the baby turns into a toddler and learns how to walk. Once the toddler is walking, he/she learns how to run. No baby can run around straight out of its mother’s womb.

This is similar to the sequence we take all NEW CrossFitters through within our Foundations Course. Within the series, there are 6 Foundational classes + 2 Basic Olympic Lifting classes that are completed. The Foundation is set for you to be prepared and equipped to jump in to our regular CrossFit classes.

CrossFit Lay It Down Foundations Course train your technical ability, improve your mobility, jump start your neurological efficiency, and develop your will to Go For It during your workouts.

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER ONLINE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Class size is limited to the first 7 athletes. The Foundations Course meets on Mon, Tues, and Thurs at 6:30 am or 7:30 pm for one (1) hour up to 4x per week. Start on any day. A variety of Basic Foundational Movements are taught in every class.

Current CrossFit Foundations Course Fee includes the cost of all 6 Foundations classes, 2 Basic Olympic Lifting classes, scheduled Nutrition Classes/Demos, Mobility/Stretch class, and all CrossFit Lay It Down specific materials needed to participate in the class.