CrossFit Lay It Down Nutrition/Health Coaching

Nutrition/Health Coaching

Health, Nutrition, Cooking, and/or Lifestyle Coaching provided by one of our Licensed/Certified Health Coaches to help improve you from where you are.

Are you unable to stay away from ‘junk food’ eating? Do you burn every dish you cook? Not grasping the concept of ‘actively living a healthy and fit lifestyle’?

Lay It Down Fitness & Nutrition Center provides every member and guest with personalized attention during his/her health and fitness journey.

Schedule a 1-on-1 Health & Wellness Coaching Session with one of our Certified Health/Nutrition Coaches or Fitness Counselors today.

*** Cost of an initial 30- or 60-mins HC session is credited towards the purchase of a 03- or 06-multi-session HC package.

Nutrition Resources

Coach Greg Glassman on CrossFit, Chronic Disease, and the “5 Buckets of Death” – (shared from YouTube and, PH35)
NOTE: Contains a few curse words, but informing message.

How to Eat to Gain Strength, Muscle, and Size – (shared from YouTube and Barbell Shrugged) NOTE: Contains a few curse words, but informing message.