CrossFit Lay It Down News What do you do when your drive starts to fade?

What do you do when your drive starts to fade?

Keeping yourself really amped up on a training program can get tough at times. But we all know,
Championships Are Won On Your Worst Days.
Here are some tricks to staying in the fight, even when you no longer have that internal stoke.
1. Tell that voice in your head to be quiet… You have work to do.
Seriously, this is a huge part of it. When that voice tries to talk you out of hitting your program, weightlifting, gymnastics, or jumping out there for a run. Don’t listen. It could be worse, you could be stuck in a cubicle crunching numbers for some mega corporation.
2. Keep your training fun!
It it’s not fun, why do it? Yes there will be parts of training that suck, but that’s usually right before the BIG REWARD. Find ways to make it fun.
3. Reward Yourself.
Set micro goals, and every time you hit one (PR), give yourself a reward. Maybe it’s new lifting shoes, or a new piece of equipment. Incentivize yourself to keep on winning!
4. Buy new Gear!
Nothing is more fun than upgrading your gear. Maybe it’s a new jump rope, knee sleeves, shin guards,etc? Or a new oly bar, dumbbell set, or weighted vest? Old gear gets worn out. Upgrading is one of the best ways to stay committed and stoked on training.
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Modified from the original version produced by Coach Brad @ Seal Grinder PT, 11/6/18


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